Cabot & Main


The Story

Cabot & Main is a partnership between ex-corporate gals & friends Ashley Meripol & Katie Toscano. We've combined our talents to help

help you drive your business forward by managing the operations of your growing business.


Specifically, we offer Online Business Management (& VIP days coming soon!) focused on creating streamlined systems and processes to elevate your business, as well as retainer plans specific to managing the operations of your business.

Our skills have been developed over the last 10+ years while working side by side in the corporate world, and then honing those skills with our own individual businesses & projects. Partnering together with Cabot & Main was a natural evolution, as we wanted to bring our corporate scaling expertise to the small business community.

We complement each other's working styles and have the same extremely high standards for our work.  What we each bring to the table is unique and inspired, and we are truly motivated to help our community of businesses thrive!


Ashley Meripol


I support local business owners with scaling their operations through systemizing their processes, but also by  crafting their financial strategy, creating timely and accurate books, and finding ways to improve their bottom line.

I spend my free time with my husband and 3 kids. We love to get outside, cook with our kids and we really love to make pizzas in our pizza oven at home!

The Founders

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Katie Toscano


I work with business owners who want to work less while making more. I specialize in creating operational efficiencies, building workflows and systems, and getting creative with your online marketing to help you grow your presence.

My 2 kids and pup keep my husband and I very busy. We love to spend time on the baseball field and gymnastics gym, trying new restaurants and spending time with friends and family.

Work with us

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The Process


Learn about our VIP day, a Done in a Day workflow solution that will help you work less, make more $$ and feel joy in running your business again.  

Online Business Management


Outsource your Operations to our highly skilled team of ex-corporate gals. We'll help you manage the people, systems, projects, workflows and more that help drive your business forward. No more waiting for the right time, we'll get you where you want to be...faster.

Outsourced Daily Ops

If you are looking for a trusted partner to hand-off the day to day activities of your business, outsource to us! Save time, work with a team who cares about your business, and focus your energy back where it belongs.