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STOP working 80+ hours/week this Tax Season and START being the 6-figure CEO of Your Tax & Bookkeeping Business

Take control of your systems, build automation, secure your clients' information & streamline it all in ONE system. We'll show you how.

Are you a Tax Preparer or Bookkeeper who dreams of becoming a 6-figure+ agency owner WITHOUT working 80 hours/week this tax season?
Build Your Business To Support Your Daily Life, Not The Other Way Around.

Sound familiar?

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Let's Build Your Customized Tax or Bookeeping System

You can create a business that works FOR you. One that gives you time, consistency,  ability to scale, customer service & more. We'll help you streamline your day to day processes so that you can have a business that runs smoothly. This will:

  • Help you get your systems and workflows in order - immediately!

  • Stop wasting time on inefficient & overwhelming systems

  • Streamline & automate processes to help your day to day run smoothly

  • To stop working long hours in the business

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Hi there!

We're Ashley & Katie

After burning out while working in Accounting & Operations in the Corporate World together for 10+ years, we formed Cabot & Main LLC and dove head first into working with our bookkeeping and operations clients.

We nearly burnt out & were working wayyyy too many hours every day.

So we developed systems & automations that helped us not only gain control of our daily lives, but also helped us to scale our business quickly.  Now we want to help you do the same!

With over a decade of experience in making systems & processes work better in the corporate world & within our own business, we know that what we do works. And we're here to show you how you can take control of your business, and create a dream day in the life of your business.

Need to get your Tax & Bookeeping Systems setup the RIGHT way? Apply here and let's get started:

Apply here

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