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Making it Work: Finding the balance of working from home, and "doing it all" as a working Mom

We know how much time, energy and love goes into being a mom. Now add in being a working mom. You know. It's an absolute juggling act! You can sometimes feel like like you're being pulled in a million different directions.

The struggle. is. REAL.

You know the usual suspects: conflicting priorities, a million places to be at once, all the people (little & big) depending on you. And what even IS time "off"? Never heard of her. 🤣

In honor of Mother's Day, we wanted to talk a little bit about being a working mom and ways to make it work.

First off, stop feeling guilty. You know that Mom guilt that will creep up on you right when you think you'll feel relieved to have some time to yourself, but then you just end up missing your kids. We know it's easier said than done, but really, try not to feel so much guilt, it doesn't serve us in any capacity as mothers and it only tarnishes our confidence. Know that you are doing the best you can and that there is no better mother to your children than you.

Next, expect each day to be different and treat it as such. Not every day will look the same and each day will require you to fulfill different needs. Once you accept and expect this, your mental state will be more ready to take on both motherhood and work life.

Don't be afraid to create systems at home (not just at work) to simplify your life. You know our love for systems. Implement some at home! It doesn't have to be anything crazy. Maybe you plan your meals out for the week on Sundays. Even make a cleaning schedule for your house if you need to (kids chores included) to stay on track and not feel like you're scrambling. Maybe you schedule a few hours a week that the kids spend time with Grandma and Grandpa so you can get errands done. These little things can help so much with not feeling overwhelmed and burnt out.

Be on the same page with your husband about household responsibilities. And don't forget to give some chores to your kids 😜 For some, that might look like each doing the chores you prefer most. For others, it might be more schedule-based. Whatever works best for you and your family is always the best option!

Manage your time efficiently-Again, easier said than done right? We love the use of time blocking! Scheduling in work time is easy, but don't forget to schedule in some breaks, even schedule time to prep dinner or just have some down time. I've even seen some people schedule their sleep, forcing them to call it a night at a certain time so they can get a good night's rest. However it might look for you, time blocking is a game changer!

Above all, give yourself GRACE. Don't be so hard on yourself or beat yourself up over mistakes. We all make them. Learn from them and move on.

It's so easy to dwell on how hard it is to wear all the hats, do ALL the things, ALL the time. But there is also so much dang beauty in the rollercoaster ride that is being a working mom!

You are teaching your kids the value of hard work and they are seeing it first hand. There's a saying that "more is caught than taught" and you live that out every day when you let them see you struggle. They are learning from you-learning how to create a life of purpose, learning how to live your dream, how to provide for family and that you CAN do it all- maybe not all at the same time, but you CAN!


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