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Take Back Control of Your Business (& your life)

Does your business feel hard? Are you struggling to keep up? Are you tired of not having enough time home with your family?

Back in 2021 we were really struggling with our client load. We took on too many clients at once because we needed to grow our business, and we did. But we really weren’t prepared for it if we’re being honest.

We hadn’t taken the time to set up our business for success and we kinda broke down mentally & physically even. Everything felt hard, enough so that we questioned whether we even had a better life than when we were in corporate.

Wondering, did we make a mistake by leaving?

So we went back to the drawing board to answer the question, how can we take control back of our business and lives to ensure we are living a life we love, while running a business we love. The picture above is all smiles. Why? This was one of the points we decided to say "no" to what no longer served us.

Have you ever done that? Paused your business to think about how you can do things better. It’s the idea of continuous improvement and the belief that things can always be improved.

So if you’re sitting in that difficult space right now, just know…it can get better. And we’re sharing a few of the things that transformed our business and life so that we could get back to the space where we wanted to be mentally, and physically too.

🌟Be a problem solver & know there’s probably a better way to do things. Sometimes just switching your mindset into a “problem solving” one can open up the door to significant change.

You fight fires EVERY day as a business owner. You can figure this one out too. Whether it’s tweaking how you operate your business (oh hey processes & automation :)), or cutting an offer out of your lineup. Go in with the attitude that you can actively make things better. Read on to see some of our suggestions for problem solving in your business.

🌟Say no. To everything you can. And yes to what you WANT to. We said no to things we felt like in the past we HAD to do to be a good mom, to make $, to be a good business woman.

And honestly, those things were no longer serving us and it feels really freaking good when you start saying no.

🌟Set up your roles & responsibilities at your home with your spouse and set clear expectations.

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you NEED. And then ask for help where there are gaps.

🌟Get really clear on your time and how you spend it. Invest in technology that makes your life easier, learn better time management tools, whatever it takes.

Your time is limited, so make sure you are making the most out of it and not wasting it.

Speaking up saving time….we’ve spent a lot of time working on client processes this week, and we wanted to share with you the key technologies that are helping our clients transform their business processes.

Whether you’re ready to scale, or just want to get your business ready for what’s next, upgrading your systems to prepare you for that next level are key to your success.

Imagine if you take on a huge influx of clients next month, would you be ready? How would you manage the volume?

Part of being a problem solver is ensuring you’re solving the key problems in your own business.

  • System for bookkeeping: streamline, automate & track your $$. We recommend using Quickbooks to help you get ready to scale your business. Keeping track of where you’re at financially, automating the invoicing and keeping clean books will make your life so much easier as a busy business owner.

  • CRM to manage your leads and clients, quickly onboard them. This is KEY. For one to one service providers, we are huge fans of Dubsado. This program will let you store your packages, proposals, templates, emails and client information. You can automate the process and create workflows to convert your leads and onboard your clients. This is HUGE to scaling as you grow your business.

  • System to manage your social media marketing: Creator Studio to automate. One of our client’s recently scheduled out her month of social media and it was HUGE. As a busy mom and business owner, she can work smarter not harder, and put her time where it counts.

  • Work and Project Management tool: ClickUp we love you. Manage everything…and stay on track. It’s the key to having awesome customer service, staying on top of projects, and feeling like you are in control.

  • Store your docs and data for easy accessibility: Google Drive is simple & so easy to share with teammates or clients. We store SOPs, marketing materials, assets, content, etc. here so that we can share it, but also so that we can come back and pull from it in the future when we may repurpose it down the line.

The whole point of this is to take control of your business, get organized, get deliberate, and take back your time. When you start doing this in your business, you can start transforming your personal life as well.

Let us know which of these will you be diving into first?


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