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Stop putting your life on hold every tax season.

Revolutionize your work week and stop working Saturdays.

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Bye bye 80 hour work weeks!

Because you didn't build a business to miss out on that ball game, or birthday party, or lunch with your friends. Just because you've been told that's "just how it is" doesn't mean it has to be that way year over year. It's time to change things up.

 Hello vacation you've always dreamed of.

We know you're already burnt out. Don't miss out on core memories because you're too busy, tired or overwhelmed after a tough tax season.

If only there was somewhere...

... you could turn to for training for you and your team,
...for live q&a to get the support you need,
... to help you deep dive on your workflows & automation, could chat with other business owners using TaxDome too...


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a new membership from Cabot & Main

In this community, we believe...


Good systems allow you to serve your clients at the highest level


We hire people and invest in the RIGHT areas in order to support our businesses and live in our own zone of genius as business owners


It's ok to slow down to speed up


We put in the work NOW that allows us to have that pot of gold at the end


We are action takers and problem solvers


Simple is ok


Just because things have always been this way, doesn't mean they should be.


Saturdays are meant to be spent doing what you ENJOY.

What our clients are saying..

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You can do all this, and more. Inside the Tax Tech Collective, you'll get access to our TaxDome training course, live trainings, q&a support, templates, bonuses & more! 

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Here's how it works.
Join the membership to get instant access to...

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& you'll also get access to some AMAZING bonuses valued at over $5,000 inside our exclusive community!

The Bonuses you won't want to miss!.

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Your Exclusive Membership includes:

  • Access to our complete TaxDome course to help you design and build your custom workflows

  • Exclusive guided blueprint, designed by our learning experts, that breaks down the TaxDome learning into simple, easy-to-understand steps.

  • Industry practices checklists & toolkits

  • Explanation/walk through of key TaxDome releases and updates

  • Monthly live Q&A sessions + live trainings with our experts to get personalized support and guidance

  • Private community group for networking, asking questions, and sharing ideas with other members

  • Opportunity to include a team member + yourself so your VA or Ops Manager can learn to support your business

Bonus #1: Access to exclusive early bird discounts & access
Bonus #2: VA Power Play: Train your VA course
Bonus #3: Priority Pass: First Dibs booking
Bonus #4: Expert Consultation Unlock

Bonus #5: Team Building Blueprint: Hiring & Management Guide
Bonus #6: AI Arsenal: In-depth AI trainings

Bonus #7: TaxDome template library

Founders Rate: $127/month

Can be canceled at any time.


*The Founders Rate will be going up, and it will never be this price again. The only time to lock in this exclusive rate is right now!

At the end of the day, you have a choice.

Keep going as you are and get burnt out OR learn how to thrive during busy season


Continue feeling overwhelmed and dreading tax season OR spending tax season Saturdays on the ball field, brunch with friends

Being too tired to take that vacation after tax season OR enjoy it 

Going it alone, wishing things would get better OR taking action & joining a community of like-minded professionals 

Being tied to your computer 24/7 OR embracing a flexible lifestyle using systems that allow you to work from anywhere

Reinventing the wheel each & every time, OR maximize your earning potential without sacrificing your personal life

Get frustrated and give up OR invest in a simple & scalable membership that will help you get where you need to go, without breaking the bank


We're Ashley & Katie

We’re former corporate accountants, turned operations & project managers who found a love for helping the business owner community.


After doing our thing as business owners for a few years, we decided to partner together to bring our 10+ years each of experience to helping our clients thrive.


We’re tired of seeing our accounting friends work ridiculous hours, sacrificing time with family, stress & overwhelm just because that’s the way it’s always been.


It doesn’t have to be that way! And we’re here to help.


Have questions?

Email our team at


About Katie & Ashley

All Rights Reserved, Cabot & Main 2023

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