We're Katie & Ashley!  

We are Systems, Process & Automation experts that help you drive your business forward by helping you close leads faster, and by helping you manage the operations & systems of your growing business.

We will help you work less, make more $$ and feel joy in running your business again.

Let's build better business, together. 

We want your business to succeed

If you are putting out fires daily, running from one urgent thing to the next and never quite catching your breath, it might be time to call in the reinforcements.

If you are feeling:

unable to close sales

stuck in the weeds

....then bringing on a systems & ClickUp expert, and online business manager (OBM) who is a professional, experienced ex-corporate gal, might be the right move for your business. Not only do we want you to succeed, we want you to have time back in your life to spend with your families, friends and doing what you love.

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Do you need a better process to help manage your sales? Do you reinvent the wheel every time you onboard a client? Our VIP Day is designed to help you accelerate and automate your sales process, helping you close leads in less time.

In ONE day, we'll build out a streamlined process, and then automate your contracts, proposals and templates to save you HOURS every week, eliminating the back & forth, so you can spend time on the things that matter most.

Operations Management (OBM)

Outsource your Operations to our highly skilled team of ex-corporate operations gals. We'll help you manage the people, systems, projects, workflows and more that help drive your business forward. No more waiting for the right time, we'll get you where you want to be...faster.

Outsourced Daily Ops

If you are looking for a trusted partner to hand-off the day to day activities of your business, outsource to us! Save time, work with a team who cares about your business, and focus your energy back where it belongs. 

We will help you create and execute simple strategies and systems to drive your business forward, close leads FAST, save time and make more $$.  


Hey there!

We're Ashley & Katie, founders of Cabot & Main, LLC. C+M is a partnership between Southern California natives, Ashley Meripol & Katie Toscano. Friends for over 10 years, we have drawn from our years working together in Operations in the corporate world, combined with our small business experience to bring you an offer that aims at helping your business thrive.


"Working with Cabot & Main has given us the ability to track our finances more accurately and they assisted us in making the most informed decisions for our company. I strongly endorse them and the services they provide."

-Michelle Miller-Day, PhD

President, CEO REAL Prevention LLC

"In our first meeting they asked detailed questions about my business. Afterwards they presented a timeline that would support our growth goals. Cabot & Main has far exceeded my expectations and I couldn't be more pleased with the results."

-John Crawley,

Owner, JCA Insurance Services

What does Outsourcing Your Ops mean?

Scalable Processes

Create clear processes with less room for error for your team. By standardizing the work your team executes, and having a clear way to manage your work, you can ensure a more efficient workflow with LESS errors that you can use over & over again.

More Time to work ON your business

You are so busy running all the things in your business, that you don't have enough time to be the CEO you know you should be. Create a business that allows you to move from being the one (wo)man show, to CEO.

A Thriving Team

Create a hiring and onboarding plan that allows your team to execute at their maximum potential. Create an engaging workload, and train them so that they feel part of the team, have a clear understanding of the business and are ready to execute.

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