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Aligning your WHY and doing what you LOVE as a business owner

Business owners should LOVE what they do. You should LOVE how you spend most of your time. Because the life of a business owner is not easy. It’s late nights, stressful, and takes you away from your family and friends. So at the end of the day, if you don’t love what you are doing? Maybe it’s time to rethink your why, or maybe make some changes. This article is about what we LOVE as business owners and how we can use those to make a better business for ourselves and our clients.

In case you couldn’t tell, we are lucky enough to love what we do. But the main reason we love it is because it gives us time to spend with our families. Because at the end of the day, that is our WHY. Being home and flexible to be there for the little things and the bigs, but also providing for our families and building something that we love…that is why we do it.

I think identifying exactly why we are doing this helps us drive our decisions and what we are willing to say yes too. In fact, recently we had to tell our biggest client that we could no longer serve them. That was a really difficult & draining decision because we honestly really enjoyed the challenging work we were doing, and we grew so much from it. But, at the end of the day, it didn’t align with our why or our mission, and we need to lead our business with love. So, we made the difficult choice to say goodbye to them, but we did it out of love for ourselves, our business and our families. When you think about your why, think about the love that goes into that, and make good business decisions based on that.

One of the reasons we left the corporate world is because frankly, we weren’t in love with it anymore. Now of course there were the logistical challenges in being a Mom, & the desire to have more flexibility, but also, that corporate hustle that we used to love right out of know that drive & passion to do more, work more, be more…we kinda lost it. It wasn’t our passion anymore and we wanted to do something more with our lives. Because to us, we really want to love what we’re doing and who we’re serving, and when that stopped, we knew it was time for a change.

One of the greatest things about owning a business is the JOY that it can bring you. We love creating and building something that we want to last; a legacy for our kids, and a lesson that we can do hard scary things, even when it terrified us. The challenges & personal growth that come with this life are enormous. Daily, business owners are challenged to do something that makes us uncomfortable or scares the you know what out of us, but daily, we meet those challenges and rise to more. Part of that joy comes from doing things that scare us, and part of it comes from serving people in similar positions in life.

We know you love your business, or at least you used to. We know the sacrifices you made to be here today, and we are so proud of you for doing that. We work with people like you because we have that same drive and passion for our business and our lives, and we get it.


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