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Simple Systems You Will Love for Your Business

You are a busy business owner with enough on your plate. You’re juggling your books, your marketing, your clients, not to mention your families, social life, and basic life things.

One of the tenants of our business is the KISS system. Plainly put, “Keep it Simple Stupid.”

A little rude? Sure, but we live by it lol. Life is complicated enough, we don’t need to create more of a burden for ourselves when we can keep things as simple as possible. And we recommend that if you're juggling all the things, then you look at how you can simplify with KISS.

We've spent time diving into some of our primary processes we’ve helped our clients build to lay out the systems we use. We’ve talked to you on social media about some of our favorite systems, such as ClickUp, Dubsado, QuickBooks and Google Drive - because we love to keep it simple, streamlined and organized. These systems let us do those exact things, and we don't overcomplicate it.

But let's talk about what specific things we actually love to use them for:

  1. Onboarding clients. We use Dubsado to create our proposals and contracts and to store key information about our clients. We then use ClickUp to keep our client onboarding checklist that we use over & over. We also store our workload for each client in ClickUp. This process is repeatable, scalable, simple and streamlined. It saves us time and money, and helps us seamlessly onboard our clients.

  2. Onboarding new team members. We use this process in ClickUp both for our team members joining, but also for building out a new hire onboarding process for our clients. Creating a consistent plan with videos, training, etc. already built in will allow your new hires to get up to speed more quickly, and it will save you time in not needing to come up with a plan each time. Ultimately it will also save you time & money and we LOVE to help our client's do that ;)

  3. Managing Your Team’s Workload & Project Management. We keep all of our tasks for clients, projects, etc. saved into client folders within ClickUp. We then save any assets into our Google Drive and can easily link to these from our ClickUp tasks. You’ll notice again, this process saves time & money, but also allows us to keep an eye on what work needs to be done so that we can continue to drive things forward in our business, and don’t drop the ball. It also allows us to track the work between team members to see who is doing what, where it’s at and when it is due.

Having these processes built out with SOPs, and templates has literally changed our business and saved us an enormous amount of time, effort and money. Systemizing things is definitely our love language, and having clear and simple processes that work also lets us have more time to spend with those we love.

Ok, lastly…a few things in our office that we absolutely love that help us keep things simple:

  • Dual monitors (when we remember to use them)

  • A white board

  • Something that inspires us. Whether it’s artwork, family pictures, a big comfy chair..having something inspiring helps us keep focused, stay creative and lets us love the space we spend so much time in.

Ok, one more thing :) When it comes to things we love that help us keep our business & lives simple, it's the people we surround ourselves by. We just love owning a business, having the freedom to do with it what we want, but really working with people who inspire us daily, creating simple processes that work, and having each other to partner up with is what helps us keep our priorities straight and our business simple.

Because we need systems and processes, or else it’s all just a bunch of chaos, and these kids we have give us enough chaos as it is ;)

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