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Takeoff with TaxDome

Kicks off May 20, 2024

for Bookkeepers

Your 4-week bootcamp designed to get your Bookkeeping Pipeline & process up & running inside TaxDome.

Join our 4-week bootcamp where we'll give you all the tools, templates, & training to get your Bookkeeping pipeline up & running, and ready to GO inside TaxDome.  Minimize your systems and maximize your efficiency without all the stress, chaos & overwhelm that often accompanies it.

NOW is the time to invest in your processes, so this year doesn't have to feel like last year.

START working smarter & get ahead of the crunch by getting your bookkeeping pipeline built & ready to go!

Take control of your TaxDome, using our templates, you can build your pipelines + automation, get your customized process ready to go & kick off next month like the pro you are. You deserve less stress, and your clients will benefit from it too.


Your 4-week bookkeeper bootcamp


Access to our next Cohort of Takeoff with TaxDome Bootcamp for Bookkeepers

This means you'll get access to all the Bookkeeping Pipeline trainings, templates, implementation plan & more!


Bonus Access to our Exclusive Library of TaxDome Pipeline Templates & Trainings, including: Tax Prep, Lead Onboarding, Bookkeeping & more!


1 month Access to the Tax Tech Collective Membership & Community of TaxDome users


*Bonus: You'll also get access to our Lead Onboarding Templates & Training!

*All sales are final, and there are no refunds due to the nature of this offer. Access to the program will end after the 4 week bootcamp completes.

Do you dream of a smoother, more efficient process for your bookkeeping, but feel like it isn't possible?

Do you dream of a smoother, more efficient process for your bookkeeping, but feel like it isn't possible?

Guess what? It is! And we're not saying that lightly. Think about what typically goes wrong, or stresses you out when you get started every think about how you will feel if its all automated and ready to go inside TaxDome to help you streamline your workload for you AND your team?! 

What is the Takeoff with TaxDome for Bookkeepers 4-week bootcamp?

Templates & Trainings

Fully customizable Bookkeeping pipeline templates, from emails to chats to tasks. All the templates & trainings you'll need to help you build out your Bookkeeping pipeline in TaxDome FAST.

Weekly Live Training/Q&A

4 weeks of live access to TaxDome certified consultants. Katie & Ashley will answer your questions, audit your pipelines, and keep you accountable to building out your pipeline.

Community + Support

Join the community of Accounting peers inside the Tax Tech Collective where you can ask questions, engage with your peers and learn from other accounting pros in your industry. Post your questions to the community board & get answers.

4-week implementation guide

The 4-week plan will give you the exact actionable steps you need to not only build your pipeline, but also to update yours if its already built, AND kick-off next month with your clients.

Let's Build Your Bookkeeping Pipeline FAST

You can create a business that works FOR you. One that gives you time, consistency,  ability to scale, customer service & more. We'll help you streamline your day to day processes & workload inside your Bookkeeping pipeline so that you can have a business that runs as smooth as possible for you and your team. This is what you will get inside:

  • A guided plan to help you stop feeling like you have to figure it out on your own.

  • Everything you need to build out your bookkeeping pipeline, saving you time, money and lots of headaches.

  • The support you need to keep you accountable, answer your questions, and  support you along the way.

  • A community of Accounting pros in the same boat, trying to get their TaxDome up & running to create a smoother experience for them & their clients.

You'll get the templates, trainings, guides & live support you need to get your pipeline built and running in just 4 weeks. We'll go through automations, organizers, invoicing + more.



- 1 free month access to the Tax Tech Collective Membership!

- Access to our exclusive library of TaxDome trainings, templates and more

- Additional live trainings & Q&As

All of this plus more inside!

Valued at over $7000

Your price: $297



Hi there!

We're Ashley & Katie

After burning out while working in Accounting & Operations in the Corporate World together for 10+ years, we formed Cabot & Main LLC and dove head first into working with our bookkeeping and operations clients.

We nearly burnt out & were working wayyyy too many hours every day.

So we developed systems & automations that helped us not only gain control of our daily lives, but also helped us to scale our business quickly.  Now we want to help you do the same!

With over a decade of experience in making systems & processes work better in the corporate world & for dozens of accounting firms, we know that what we do works. And we're here to show you how you can take control of your business, and create the seamless business that you deserve.


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