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Is a VIP Day right for your business?

What a VIP is, and why it just might be what you need to kickstart your business.

“Business owners work 24/7” is something we hear a lot in our job. People post relatable memes, funny quotes and stories about how they left a 9 to 5 because of the hours, only to work way harder, and way more hours as an entrepreneur.

As you start your business, sometimes this is really necessary. You are figuring so many things out, and are starting basically from scratch to make those things happen quickly. The stress is on you because you need to make this business work.

But at a certain point, you gain some clients, gain some confidence and start building your business and becoming the CEO you never knew you wanted to be. Around this point, you start making a little more money and may feel a need to start bringing on someone to help as an assistant. But even with your additional help, you might find yourself starting to struggle with the load of work at the same time dreaming bigger dreams for your business.

Your goals may be changing, and growing, alongside your business. You’re ready to grow, but you might be feeling a little stuck, or a little overwhelmed with how to manage a growing business. Looking back, when you first started your business, it didn’t need to be fancy or formal, you just had to get it going.

But in order to grow a team, and a business, there are certain things you should have in place to allow you to scale. Your responsibility as a business owner is to keep a pulse on the areas of your business and keep things running smoothly, so that when you need to step away, the business can still run at full steam.

But where do you even start? You don’t have time to figure it all out on your own, you need it up and running like yesterday. You need a system that works for you and with you. A process that works hard so you don’t have to. And the ability to manage your business as the CEO you truly are. But when you’re the CEO, your time is precious.

Imagine having a system so smooth that you can sip margaritas on the beach while the business keeps running. Imagine you are done working endless hours on nights and weekends. Because you deserve to have a successful business without feeling burnt out. It should bring you joy, flexibility, and more margaritas than you know what to do with.

It doesn't have to be this way. You NEED a system to drive you forward, to keep you organized, and to help you manage your day to day.

Imagine having one place where you can go to seamlessly manage your team & business. Introducing our Done in a Day VIP Day. A one day opportunity to work with us to create your dream business management system. A smooth, sophisticated system that will have you up and running in ONE day with the ability to

  1. Manage your team through workload management and team meetings

  2. Project Planning to keep track of your initiatives and where you are at

  3. A Client Management System to track your clients, their deliverables, onboarding and key information.

  4. Lead Tracking so you won’t miss out on an opportunity

  5. Social Media/Content Planning System that will have you streamlining your content planning process

  6. Customized Dashboards so you can keep a pulse on your team and business at any time.

This option is great for those CEOs who are ready to scale their business, grow their teams, but need to quickly get up and running and organized.

Skip the long lead times, skip the hassle of back and forth, and skip the waiting.

Get started on your VIP day and learn more at


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