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We love Operations! Is that weird?

“Serve others with what you are good at, improve the areas you can, and ask for help where you need to.”

After working in the corporate world for over 10 years each, we learned A LOT. But one of the biggest lessons that we took with us as business owners was the above. Knowing yourself, knowing the value you bring to the table, and going all in on how you can serve others using your gifts.

As business owners, we get it. You literally wear 9 million hats each day from marketing to sales to accounting to manager and more. It’s exhausting trying to be everything, and it can even take the fun out of being a business owner.

Remember the days when your passion drove you? Or your creativity was constantly flowing (& it didn’t feel like a burden?) And when owning a business brought you so much joy?

When we first started our individual businesses 3 years ago, we tried really hard to be great at everything. Our specific backgrounds working in Operations together gave us drive to get the job done, but also a little bit of a hustle mentality. The work was really never done, the days were long, but we were troopers! We were down for the early morning calls and the late night work, because we thought that’s what it took to be successful. Work hard, do the job right & you will be rewarded.

But that mentality is a bit wrong, and frankly backward. Time doesn’t equal quality, period. That’s one of the reasons we feel incredibly passionate about helping business owners manage their operations. You shouldn’t have to work a crazy amount of hours to run a successful business. We also strongly believe that we should all focus on not only what we are good at, but also what we enjoy doing. And as odd as it sounds, we actually ENJOY working to streamline, systemize and simplify processes and systems.

Organization, project management, and simple systems are our jam! Yeah, that does sound a bit weird I guess, but I know you get it ;)

We first met in the corporate world back in 2008 and began working on projects together almost immediately. Our first project was to create an onboarding plan to help scale our new hire process. We created the training plan, then helped our team roll it out to dozens of trainees right away. By now, that program has been used hundreds of times and it continued to be successful (with iterations of course) for a few reasons:

  1. It was simple

  2. It was able to be reproduced over and over again

  3. It was thorough

What we learned going through that process is that with a little up front work and effort, you can quickly save an impactful amount of time almost immediately.

Over the last several years, we have helped dozens of businesses create simple processes that stick. By outsourcing their bookkeeping, marketing, project management, onboarding & hiring, & more to us, our clients have been able to free up their own time, but also scale their businesses. Because having these simple, repeatable processes and smooth systems, literally saves you time that you could be spending on sales, or networking, or getting creative, or whatever it is you WANT to be doing.

THAT is what we want for you. We want to help you create simple processes and systems that transform your business into one that allows you to actually work less, make more money and find JOY in running your business again.

At the heart of Cabot & Main, we value family, our time, our relationships, our community and are determined to lead lives full of JOY. We absolutely love our community of businesses and have been so fortunate to work with many local businesses over the last few years.

Our time in the corporate world was incredibly impactful and we learned an enormous amount. Ashley primarily worked as an Accountant & Operations Manager, while Katie worked as a Business Analyst & Project Manager, and then as a Director of Marketing for a non-profit. We definitely held a variety of roles which gave us broad exposure to how to effectively operate a business.

In early 2021, we merged our businesses into what is now Cabot & Main, LLC. A joint venture focused on helping overwhelmed business owners simplify their businesses. Over the last 3 years we have offered outsourcing services for businesses operational needs, including: accounting services, project management, operations management, digital marketing, & more. But recently, we’ve shifted our focus a bit. While we are still offering outsourcing, we're excited to add some new offers that will help more businesses streamline, simplify and scale…quickly More to come on that one, but we’re so excited to help even more businesses!

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