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TaxDome's Latest Updates: Chats (formerly messages)

Another day, another TaxDome update. And we are definitely fans of some of these changes!

While it can be daunting to keep up with software updates, I actually prefer to think on the bright side. Just look at all the brand new, sparkly & fun updates TaxDome is bringing our way.

From last month's invoicing updates to this week's Chat feature updates...the good news just keeps on coming, and we are here for it!

What we love about these updates is knowing that TaxDome is listening to users, hearing the specific feedback and incorporating those changes into regular releases. They're investing heavily into usability for both the accounting side AND the client side, and they're on a mission to make the software as fully built out as possible, and we are huge fans of that investment by them.

So this week's latest is all about the new Chats features (formerly known as messages.) We recorded a little video about these changes, so come behind the scenes with us while we show you how we tested these out.

Check out the video here:

Also find it here:

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Katie Toscano
Katie Toscano
May 09, 2023

Love these updates! Keep them coming TaxDome :)

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