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Stop Working 80+ Hours/Week this Tax Season: Build your Tax Dome & Automate your Business

Picture you on February 1. Your calendar is overbooked, your leads are coming in faster than you can keep up with, and people want to get you ASAP but you’re working 80+ hours a week already, and you don’t know how you’re going to manage it all. You’ve got 10 different systems you’re trying to manage across your team, and things feel….messy.

Now imagine a different scenario. You’ve still got a busy time ahead of you, but your systems and workflows are in check, meaning you and your team know exactly what needs to get done and when. You’ve got leads coming in, and going through your process seamlessly (bonus: you barely touch this process.)

You’ve got a secure way to get documents from your clients, and you don’t have to send all the reminder emails because your system is doing it for you.

You’ve got 1 system you’re using to manage all your workload, and you’ve got it ready BEFORE tax season. You’re not working 80 hours this week because you’ve automated so many manual tasks, so your time is laser focused on your clients.

Workflows, task management, automation, client management, client portal (it’s secure!), email automation, e-signatures & more….all now sit in ONE place to manage your whole tax prep business.

Game changing? Yes. Life changing? Also yes. But how?

Get ready our bookkeeper and tax preparer friends to 100% geek out with us on Tax Dome. If you aren’t familiar with Tax Dome, it’s literally a game changer for your business and can completely transform the way you manage your work starting in 2023.

Here are just a few of the many reasons we LOVE Tax Dome, and why we think you might too.

  1. You can automate your end to end workflow AND save hours every week. Literally HOURS. For example, you can set up messages, emails & questionnaires to help you automatically bring in your leads. You can send them to a scheduling software to book a consult call, you can send them contracts and invoices, all automatically. You don’t have to send 1 off emails, or questionnaires because you have them all in ONE place set to go out automatically. But it’s not just your lead onboarding, it’s your day to day workflows too. Seamlessly move your clients through their tax workflows from e-signatures, email updates, document requests and more. Automation means it goes out WITHOUT you needing to hand hold the process, and in some cases without you even touching the system. Sounds like a dream right?

  1. You can store secure documents for your clients, and request they upload their docs to a secure location. One of the biggest challenges we hear from our Tax Preparer clients is that they need a secure way to collect key documents from their clients. Tax Dome has a secure client portal where you can request documents, and have your clients securely upload their private documents. This also works for asking sensitive questions, providing documents back to them and more.

  1. You can email (bulk, individually or automated) & securely message your clients in Tax Dome’s client portal. You have 2 options for contacting your bookkeeping or tax clients. You can set both automated emails and send bulk emails through the Tax Dome product. You can also send secure messages that will show up in the client’s portal. This is a huge benefit when you’re trying to communicate with your clients, share secure information.

  1. You can integrate your lead onboarding into your website for an automated end to end process that helps you bring your clients on quickly. If you love having things happen in your business without you needing to do it all, then start with your lead onboarding. How awesome would it be to send a lead to your website, and then for them to come directly into your system from there. This gives you 1 central place to send your leads, and helps you bring them in more quickly by setting up the automation and integration from your website and Tax Dome account.

There are so many more benefits to this awesome system, and we’re excited to share more about this all month long.

But we also wanted to share a story from our recent client. She’s a working Mom who started her own business in bookkeeping, and eventually Tax Prep, to give her family a better life and to be able to be home more with her kids. But as any entrepreneur knows, things started to get a little crazy.

The work was so hard to manage on her own, and she knew Tax Dome was going to be a game changer for her. So she took the opportunity and bought into it. She was so excited at the possibilities, but at the same time a little nervous about the implementation. So she bought a course and dove in. And things were moving along….until, they weren't.

She was slammed, like really slammed. And Tax Dome sat on the shelf, only being used for minimal client management.But she knew there was a better way.

So she met with us, we built out her custom workflows, automations, emails, invoicing and more, gave her training videos and live sessions to talk through the system, and delivered her out a fully functioning system READY TO GO.

Game changer.

Because the thing is, when it comes to building complex workflows and automation, not everyone has the time or energy to do it themselves, and that is OK. We partner with overwhelmed business owners who know they need the system, just don’t have time to get it done themselves. To be honest, we LOVE systems (nerd alert) and we love automation. But mostly, we love helping our clients make their businesses run better so that they can have the time freedom that we now have.

But it wasn’t always like that for us. We had to fight our way through the overwhelm, through the chaos, not once, but twice. And the 2 things that helped us do that? 1. Making the choice to not live in it, and 2. Getting our systems in order. I know it seems so simple, but it’s true. We had to make a choice to not live in that feeling because it was too much for us to handle, and we knew there had to be a better way. Choosing to make things better was half the battle, and it was a game changer in the way we ran our business.

We want that for you too. You can change the trajectory of this tax season. You can reign in the chaos. You don’t have to do it alone. We’re here to help you.

If you want to learn more about how Tax Dome can help you transform your business, head over to and book a free business audit with us.


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